Words from our Founder-

My heart is big. It always has been and I've always wanted to lend my wallet or hands to any charities I could while growing up in Los Angeles. The problem with charities is the mystery of where your $ is actually going. Years back I sent some $ to the relief of the Hurricane Sandy in Louisiana. I remember wishing I had sent more money and also wished I was in a different place in my life to where I could to have actually flown down there and actually used my own hands to do whatever I could to help. I was devastated with their reality! It was heart breaking. To my dismay, weeks later, I found out the charity that I sent my hard earned $ was a charity that was barely helping! Infact only about 23% of the funds they received actually went to the what they had advertised. I couldn't have been more pissed off and SAD for those suffering.

From that day on I really thought long and hard about what I wanted to do in the future if I were to have the means to do it- including a transparent charity where people could help and actually WATCH where their $ went. Maybe a documentary! An adventure!   Where we can SEE the efforts of our helping hands! 

My business partner Emily Doherty has started this business with me from day ONE. We have already achieved so much just developing this product and all the hurdles through the last few years have only made us stronger as a team, but also while developing this product and witnessing the unavoidable, wicked worlds events unfold around us has really blue printed our hearts with plans to really make a difference. Transparently. It also doesn't hurt that she graduated from Ryarson University with a degree in Production. We can't wait to make a documented heartfelt life changing and impacting adventure to show all our Dare-U-Go families what they have done, what we've all done! We believe that there is no better way to EVER bring in the New Year every year. Our goal is to not only be the most innovative trusted brand for millennial parents and all care-givers but EARN being a household name! Our motto is to lead with our hearts and teach our children by leading by example. With Dare 2 Care,  one things for sure, we are definitely all one of a kind and incredibly different but one thing we all have in common is the planet we live on....#onelove

-Lisa D'Amato Ceo/ Founder

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