Check out The New Dare-U-Go! Office Space Jan 2018!!

Nov 22, 2017


I couldn't be excited to fill all your orders of the DUG from HERE! My friend Brendan lives right across the street from me. Last thing I wanna do is be stuck in traffic all day trying to get to our "office". Our friend Huy had just moved out so I figured I needed to look at this as an opportunity to get organized! With running this start up company in my house raising two little ones, super shotty reception, and also our house being a set for all types of commercials and movies with rolling sound and having to be quiet or having to vacate our home for a day or two, taking on the care of my dad and his wife with dimentia, I have truly been losing my mind. 

Starting January, Emily Doherty [my partner] is coming down from Canada to help me fill all our orders. We are working on her Visa and she'll be here for 6 months working on our business. It blows my mind that our idea of the DUG about 3 yrs ago with a dream and mission to succeed we finally are going to have our own office!!! 

Just yesterday I signed 3 contracts for exclusive distribution deals [which was also a huge goal of ours]: Chotobaby-Canada, Kufed-Hong Kong, Indonesia, Eastern Asia, and Blue Sky Mining-Amazon USA and that's just the beginning...I can't wait to sell start to consumer from our e-commerce site starting end of January also. Working hard with a very close friend who is making our website THE KEWLEST!

 Intuit Quickbooks donating a lump sum of $ the last day of our Kickstarter which blew our mind but they are also training us on quickbooks, giving us a MacBook Pro, facebook Ads and so much more. They are including us in their campaign called #fundedbyQB which is AMAZING! Just that platform alone will give our brand some major wings.

The future looks bright guys. We are going into mass production!!!! Woot! Woot!!

Love and thanks to all of you! Happy Thanksgiving :-]

Written By
Lisa D'Amato

Spanish Italian, green eyes and left- handed born on October twenty two and a catch 22 too! 😜