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Jul 13, 2018

Dare-U-Go! Jingle!


Daxel is going to be recording a fun jingle that I wrote this weekend. I am so excited to announce that, hopefully, by Monday I will be adding the song recorded to this blog [depending on how Daxel behaves, obvey] I am so excited to share this with you all because one thing that I have truly missed is recording and writing songs. It was fun to search for a fun [no copyright] instrumental on youtube. Ifound one that was perfect by the name of Nicolai Heidlas “Cartoon”

To hear the actual song:

Here’s the lyrics:

Mamma 🤱🏼made it. In my food 🥪spaceship


And I craved it, then I ate it


️, and can save it! 🥡


[Thanks Dare-U-Go!]🥂Hi my name is Daxel🕺🏼The Dare-U-Go Rockstar


You can be too🤝 and help save the world!


We gotta pipe up 


and do what’s right! 


🏼Yup!Pipe up 


and do what’s right!


🏼 Yup yup!Cuz parents 


sanity and the Earth 


deserve relief 1st🥇Healthy 🥙food equals healthy moods⚖️Eating right equals being bright


With the DUG we can start making it right


🏼Healthy foods 🥙equals healthy moods⚖️Eating tight equals being bright


With the DUG we can start making it right


🏼Hi my name is Daxel🕺🏼The Dare-U-Go rockstar


You can be too 🤝and help save the 


Save your clothes 


and H2O


Cheers🥂 to Dare-U-Go!Don’t 


refuse to reuse it’s the Earth 


you abuse🤺

Dug so fresh 🧢gottsa aunt and uncle in Bel- Air


Please, Copy and Share


Just giving you all a heads up to let you know a contest is right around the corner!! If anyone wants to post a fun video with their kids dancing to the song, we will make sure you get a #dareugo swag bag. You can even pick what color DUG you’d like! We know everyone LOVES free stuff and contests and we LOVE smiles and creating contests- it’s a win win!

To be continued with further update. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Written By
Lisa D'Amato

Spanish Italian, green eyes and left- handed born on October twenty two and a catch 22 too! 😜

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