GIRL POWER PANTS turned confident PINK-prenuers!

Jun 6, 2018
CEO: Lisa D'Amato & Co-Founder: Emily Doherty

Just after the holidays and a couple days after the New Year. Possibly January 2, 2016, Lisa took her friend Emily to the mall with her son Daxel, who was 2 yrs old. They had no idea that just an ordinary day like that one, would turn their life around completely. See, while my wife Lisa was shopping and hanging out with Emily, she did something she did on-the-go all the time with Daxel. It was just the only time that Emily witnessed it. That's when... from that moment on things would change forever. When you put these close girls brains together, they are completely unstoppable. I bet you are wondering what happened exactly, huh?....

Daxel started complaining that he was hungry while being pushed in the stroller. My wife had a [what she thought] was a silicone bib. She began to put food in it and Daxel started eating FROM it. Emily told her that was GENIUS! Then Lisa said "it would be the best if I could put food dividers in it and make it wider...." That's when Emily said "Well then make it" That's when they looked at eachother and a light bulb went off!

When they came home from the mall they began to search the internet in search of something on the market similar. I remember they couldn't stop being giddy girls realizing they were on to something. They were. Infact, I asked my neighbor immediately if he knew of a patent attorney. He was an attorney himself. He did! Lisa contacted him immediately! When you speak to a patent attorney, that is when the dream starts to get crushed. The excited smiles start fading away...the breakdown of fees, the reality of different jurisdictions of different countries start getting communicated, the need for prototypes and cad models... It begins to get very overwhelming and unbelievably expensive.

My wife was pregnant and very sick. Emily was an intern in LA and staying with us but needed to go back to Canada soon. The dream faded for a bit...

My sister Eve came to visit us. She was laying in bed with Lisa and they started watching Shark Tank. My sister Eve almost went on Shark Tank with a video that Lisa filmed for her and her product a few years back, that Eve eventually gave up on because of how costly it became but they started reminiscing about that time. That is when Lisa brought up her idea! She explained it to Eve and told her the entire story of how it happened and how she was with Emily and that is when the encouragement started again! While Lisa was getting all the patents ready since day 1, she wasn't really having any luck with finding a cad model maker and go further into developing this idea you need a tangible product. We were only hitting walls. So so many walls. I can't even tell you how many tears and struggles they have endured through this process but they never gave up.

This is 2 1/2 years later, after money pit production managers, horrible cad models, design and utility patents paid and designed, working with a design engineers, lots of failed prototypes, so many revisions, Lisa, Emily and Eve working together over emails due to all being located in different countries and cities, they managed STILL to make this happen!

I want to personally congratulate these two beautiful and powerful ladies for never giving up! Not only has Emily's dreams come true which was to move to LA with a purpose but now she is the Co-Founder and Marketing Manager of Dare-U-Go!, LLC. Lisa is CEO/ Founder of Dare-U-Go!, LLC. This brand isn't just this product, they have so many more innovative ideas for on-the-go parents but just after 3 months of being on the market they have sold over $100K worth of units which is such a monumental milestone! It's apparent that parents agree with what is needed and they have created it! Keep up Boss Ladies!

Huge things in store for the brand, the customers, and these ladies!



[Lisa's Husband]

Written By
Adam Friedman

Born and raised in Los Angeles. Business man with two awesome little boys and a beautiful wife.