Happy Father's Day Daddio's!

Jun 15, 2017

Here at Dare-U-Go!, our team decided it would be a good idea for us to write a blog about how great dads are. Dads are usually the ones that teach us to dig in and get dirty. We typically have the most interesting adventures with them. They are also the ones that get into the havoc we create as kids which drive our moms crazy! If the moms aren’t in your life, dads also take on the role of both parents which can make things even more bittersweet when thinking about our love and appreciation for our fathers.

Here is a story about my dad. This a picture of him all dirty. No, he is not homeless. No, he is not in a wheelchair. This is a prime example of what my dad would do for me, regardless of how it makes him look. My dad has always been my biggest fan.

When I was an 11 yr old, I told my dad I wanted to become a model and do commercials. My mom wasn’t about to make that dream happen. Since our family had a very low income I can see how that dream would be very difficult to support.

As time progressed, he and I attacked this dream of mine and we made it a part of our routine to go to castings. He and I would arrive at castings, trying to find a meter in LA in his putt putt 70’s truck. I was always dressed in my sisters hand me downs. I remember walking in feeling incredibly jealous and self conscious. I would be signing in next to moms who were escorting their well-groomed, brand label clothed children and their Louis Vuitton purses, BMW keys in hand. I would push my fallen hair from my ponytail behind my ear. My dad would see me turn completely timid and say, “You got this honey! You think those casting directors want those kids? They want the kid that has that twinkle in their eye, the drive, the story behind them. That’s you! Don’t let those fancy clothes and fancy cars fool you and take you off your game. Go kill it!”

When I was younger, I might not have booked every casting, but I booked a TON. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my dad look at me with such pride. Who woulda known that my dad would be the father of America’s Next Top Model All-Star Winner! He and I had such a daily journey together way before anyone could ever imagine.

Cheers to dads and cheers to mine!

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Love, Lisa

Written By
Lisa D'Amato

Spanish Italian, green eyes and left- handed born on October twenty two and a catch 22 too! 😜