TOP 5 Best & Cheapest At Home Activities for Your Kids to Enjoy

Aug 27, 2018

I picked the TOP 5 BEST & CHEAPEST at home activities for your kids to enjoy:

As a super busy mom, I totally understand the need to entertain our kids while we try to get things done around the house. Do we EVER have time to get it all done? Not really. SOOO, while sitting at my desk I decided to do what I NEED to do ALL THE TIME but don’t have time to do it when I need to because I always forget. Can you guess what that is? Researching go-to easy fast crafts at home on the cheap. I went on pinterest and went through every smart and overly crafty parents posts on this topic. It can get a bit congested on there with a lot of the same ideas that aren’t really my favorite or would be my go-to and also a lot of ones that I don’t think would work that great for MY kids, ya feel me?

I think it is safe to say that all of us parents don’t want a TON of clean up, or anything that they can fight over, or can possibly ruin furniture or could possibly get hurt. These are all things we have all been through too much already and it’s exhausting. Taking those ones out of the equation almost minimizes our options tremendously. Kinda like a vegetarian in a meat market. Seriously though, I found some great ones!!!

Also here is a link to find more if you are curious of all other options also:

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