Road to Shark Tank

Mar 21, 2019
Shark Tank

Hi, my name is Emily Doherty, I am the Co-Founder of Dare-U-Go! and here is my road to Shark Tank with my business partner and CEO Lisa D’Amato.

Lisa & Emily

I moved to Los Angeles (from Toronto, Ontario) in April of 2018 to help Lisa, on the ground with business in California.

We had officially launched on the market with Dare-U-Go! in February 2018.

Right out of the gates and literally the weekend I moved to LA, we got the call we were invited to pitch Dare-U-Go! to the 5 originals Mark, Lori, Kevin, Barbara, and Robert.

The shoot we were told was mid June.

We had 2 months to prepare for the grandest pitch of our life!

Building the Dare-U-Go! set!

In those two months we were building our set, trying to get the product out there to gain more traction and sales (because we were so new to the market), we were trying to figure out what we were going to ask for in equity, etc.

We practiced our pitch over and over. We visualized our set and brought it to life, piece by piece.

The night before we went to the studio for rehearsals we had a little pizza party in bed, where we study previous pitches on the show, analyzed what questions the sharks would ask, what kind of answers made them happy or not. What were the key things that made a great pitch etc.

The night before!

Then, the next morning - we got up, the cars we’re already packed with our set and we were off!

Early morning on our way to set!

It was early. Poor little Daxel and Venice (Lisa’s boys) were tired little guys. But they knew what was happening and how important it was for their Mommy!

Early call time!

We met at a hotel with the rest of the people who made it as far as we did for rehearsals in Los Angeles.

There we had breakfast (well, the boys ate) Lisa and I were too nervous!

Breakfast before hitting the stage!

Once everyone was checked in and grabbed a bit to eat, we were then whisked away in these big white vans to set.

On on our way set for rehearsals!

Once we got to set, we had the opportunity to put some faces to names to the crew we had been emailing with prior to in pitching ourselves over email and phone.
They were super kind and accommodating.

In rehearsals Lisa had one shot to nail out the initial pitch to the producers. If she passed that, we were invited back to pitch in front of the Sharks.

Pitching to the producers!

Lisa nailed it.

So she was invited back to take the pitch to the big stage and in front of the Sharks.

We went home that night and again studied, prepared, rehearsed over and over.

Show day, we again got up early, maybe even earlier then our rehearsal date.

Another early morning on our way to film!

In all honestly, I am in a little bit of a blur of what happened that morning. It was very similar to the rehearsal day, where we met at the hotel, had breakfast and then were whisked away in the large white vans to set. But everything happened so fast and nerves were in full swing.

When we got to set we were taken to our own personal trailer were we were able to unwind and get dressed, prep etc.

Our very own trailer!

We sat there, anxiously awaiting the knock on the door, calling Lisa and the boys to set.

Sure enough, the knock came sooner than we thought.

On our way to the stage!

The crew was very kind and accommodating. Knowing we had babies, they wanted to help move us through as quickly as possible.

So proud of these boys!

Because of a few logistical reasons, I couldn’t be on camera to take the pitch with Lisa.
But, I was there for her and the boys!

The boys are all mic'd up!

Daxel and Venice helped Lisa introduce the product, then they ran off, backstage to me where I hugged and kissed them like CRAZY and praised the Sh**! out of them.
I cried at how proud I was of them, they did SO good!! Little hams! Hahaha.

Venice & Daxel

While Lisa continued on with the pitch, the set was so private we couldn't even watch it unfold backstage, so we returned to the trailer where we anxiously waited to see how it all went.

Waiting for Mom!

Time seemed to have stopped while waiting for Lisa. However, I knew it could take hours. I was trying to occupy her boys as best as I could in the trailer. Thank goodness for iPads! Haha.

It was almost 2 hours waiting to see Lisa again. In that time Daxel, Venice and I watched Peppa Pig, ate some "set food", I changed a few diapers, we talked with Adam (Lisa’s husband/Daxel and Venice’s Dad) via FaceTime etc. time literally felt stagnate.

Still waiting for Mom!

I told the boys, no matter what happens on set and when Mommy comes back, "go and give her the BIGGEST hug and tell her how proud you are of her!" I also reconfirmed of how proud I was of them and how incredible this whole experience has been.

Lisa and Daxel

It was honestly as stressful as it can and should be to take a business pitch to entertainment television but honestly, speaking from my perspective of the whole endeavour, it was an incredible experience.
That being said, Lisa really took one for the team. She put her whole heart and hard work out there. I am forever grateful for her persistence, passion and strength.

Mark, Barbara, Kevin, Lori, Robert, Daxel & Lisa

I obviously can’t tell you too much more, but hope you watch the episode!


Written By
Emily Doherty

A sister from the North, Emily joins us from Toronto, Canada. With a BA in Media Production, Emily is the Marketing & Media asset to the Dare-U-Go team!

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