Sophie The "Draft"

May 25, 2018

Being Friday I wanted to start the weekend off with a blog about those really amazing light hearted moments that take you out of stressful reality sometimes. Who do we have to thank for that occasionally? our little ones. They are so innocent and pure. They say the craziest things don't they?

Here's a cute little memory about the boy in the picture. His name is Daxel and he's 4 1/2 now but when he was just short of 2 yrs old he did the cutest thing. Daxel is also the reason Dare-U-Go! exists! Soooo technically, that's the face all parents should thank now and forever. Emily and I are just the messengers.

So I'm in his room reading him a book and playing with him trying to get him to wind down to go to bed. This boy he did not sleep during that time. I was always exhausted. Always. Adam, my husband, rushes in his room very frazzled. You can tell he was very aggravated. He kept saying "I lost my draft!" I asked him many times "what draft?'' he then explained that he had been working on a response to much needed researched info in his notes in his phone to send the following day. I felt horrible and I grabbed Adam's phone and tried looking for the draft he was talking about. He told me it was called "1 Draft".

Adam and I kept noticing that Daxel kept looking through his toys, his drawers, his book shelf, he was looking everywhere for something. I continued to look through Adam's email trash, other files in his notes...trying to find this "draft".

Daxel chuckles in excitement! He hits Adams hand with Sophie the GIRAFFE!!! He was so proud of himself. I will never forget that moment. It made us so proud of him to see he was so eager to help his dad find what he lost. This kid has a good heart and he's pretty smart too! Draft- GIRAFFE! So funny! He thought his daddy lost his giraffe. Lol

This is a DRAFT everyone! Lol

Adam ended up finding his Giraffe, I mean Draft. All is well.

If you guys have any funny stories of your kids like this one I'm sure we would all love to hear. Please post so we can all enjoy!

Mommy Lisa

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Lisa D'Amato

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