When in doubt blade it out!

Jun 29, 2018

VLOG: June 29, 2018 When in doubt...Karaoke Blade it out!

Adulting is not always the most fun, let’s be real. Even if your heart is always in the right place and you have your momentum in stride to attack your goals there will always be roadblocks and the unexpected to happen to put a damper on your day. This vlog gives a very realistic look in a real day of our life at the office at Dare-U-Go! When all fails, FLIP IT. Shake it off and make the best of the day. Truth is, sometimes the day take a turn for the best, actually! We ended up having a fantastic day and probably needed some fresh air anyway after all the frustrations and WTF’s!!

Every other Friday I like to post a blog about something that can be of real substance. Real life journey, a struggle, a compelling story, advice, usable recipe’s, something informative, etc. This week I asked our followers what they wanted to hear...if anything. Turns out nobody replied. Lol So, we decided to post something really raw and true: This is LITERALLY what happened on Wednesday June 27th 2018. I could of ripped someone’s head off. LOL I came to our office that we PAY for to work and all our phone lines didn’t work along with our internet and our to-do lists weren’t shy of MANY. So yeah, I was pissed. But, look how it turned out once we put our karaoke bluetooth mic to another fun activity:

Big thanks to Emily Doherty and Adam friedman who always remain calm when I’m a fury of fire with no patience. [my biggest problem, usually] The Scorpio in me comes out.

#nomakeup #nofilter #realandraw #dareugo

Also today we have a big achievement! We got our Buy Buy Baby Vendor # which means we will be selling on buybuybaby.com any day now! We can add that to our achievement list!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-QAUxG_VB0&t=6s


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Lisa D'Amato

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