Who's Thankful for their weird and crazy family???

Nov 1, 2018

Watch for what’s next to come during our holiday season:

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If there is one thing I know for sure it’s that Thanksgiving is great for food and family and togetherness BUT it also that time to talk to your family about that stuff you really don’t care to talk about or know what to say, right? Like: “How have you been?” “What have you been up to?” or “What’s going on with X?” [X being a boyfriend or girlfriend or a job or whatever]

I personally get asked about our company. I know I am passionate about it and I DO want to share about it and our continued progress but I also would just like to turn that off too when it’s vacation for a couple days and focus on other stuff like quality time with my kids and family. Who wants to talk about work all the time. Not this girl. Those same questions really give me anxiety and I wish I could just send my Aunt Flo our newsletter.

Anyway, here are some new questions you can ask you family member during the holidays and also here are some funny responses to spice things up.

You’re welcome, Lisa

“How have you been?”

“I am better on the inside than I look on the outside”

“I’m as happy a puppy with two tails”

“I can’t complain. My boss won’t let me.”

“If I was any better vitamins would be taking me”

“I’m busier than a puppy in a room full of rubber balls”

“If I was doing any better, I’d be you.”

“Vertical, functional and caffeinated”

“Chillin out, maxin, relaxin’ all cool.”

Better questions to ask at Thanksgiving:

Which person here do you wish you knew better?

Which person at this table would make the best news anchor?

If you had a uniform that you had to wear every day, what would it be?

Your most creative leftover-turkey idea: Go!

If you could have any job in the world, what would you do?

Ask older family members to describe their first jobs.

And just for fun here is Ellen’s thanksgiving seating segment. So funny:


Written By
Lisa D'Amato

Spanish Italian, green eyes and left- handed born on October twenty two and a catch 22 too! 😜