Dare-U-Go! Revolutionary One-Piece Bib and Baby Plate with Compartments

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No Tupperware
Say goodbye to mismatched lids
Less Laundry
Avoid Messes, Wash Less
Save the Planet
No More, Individual packed snacks
Ditch the plastic straw and say HAY!
to our biodegradable straws. The perfect solution for entertaining a crowd or simply enjoying your favorite drink at home.
  • Made from natural wheat stems
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Plastic-free packaging

Twist to the everyday bib

Designed by an on-the go mom, the Dare-U-Go! is a bib, plate, and highchair rolled into one! Goodbye stains, individually packaged food, and container overload.

Three Food Compartments

The Dare-U-Go! has three food-safe compartments to ensure perfect portions from healthy homemade meals. Also keeps foods separate!

Safe & Easy to Clean

The Dare-U-Go! is made from food grade silicone that is 100% BPA, PVC, and latex free. It’s easy to wipe clean and best of all is top-shelf dishwasher safe.

One Convenient Piece

This product is constructed for heavy-use durability and organization. The bib folds down as a perfect-seal lid, and underneath you’ll find a spork holder

Kids Love It

Dare-U-Go! is a hit with the kids, they love feeling the independence of holding their own food without the chance of messes.

Comfortable & Flexible

Dare-U-Go!’s soft neckband rests comfortably against your baby’s neck, and the adjustable fastener means that it can grow with your child.

Customer Reviews

Sarah Mama of 3
Convenient and Fun!
March 10, 2019

This product is genius! I am a soccer mom on the go constantly with 2 older boys. This has helped make meals and snacking so much easier on the go. My 21 month old LOVES it! She loves the independence it gives her, and I love the no mess!

I love this my kids are learning to feed themselves and this makes it fun and easy
August 30, 2018

if you are a single or busy parent on the go this is the perfect food bib. Unlike the ones that just catch the food, this one can catch the food and lets you seal it to take it on the go. its like having Tupperware and a bib in one. super easy and convent

Jason Baguio
My kids love it. It's wonderful to watch them look out ...
August 30, 2018

This product has saved MY LIFE!!! My kids love it. It's wonderful to watch them look out the window while they enjoy the homemade healthy food I made them. <3

Deborah Lee Wingard
Wonderful product! I have bought them for several friends ...
August 30, 2018

Wonderful product! I have bought them for several friends who are new mothers. Wish they were around when my boys were little

Dave A.
Works great, convenient to use, and easy to clean.
August 30, 2018

Works great- convenient, and keeps mess inside instead of all over the place. Fold up when done.

Buy it! Your kids will thank you! And so will the laundry basket...
August 30, 2018

I’m an Auntie on the go and this nifty device has been a life-saver for my sister and I (for when I babysit... AKA ALL THE TIME). Meal time can be... somewhat stressful... to coordinate on a tight schedule, but this bib makes my anxiety disappear!! I don’t have to worry about changing my niece three times a day because the little thing can’t handle not wearing her own food. It’s super comfy, she doesn’t mind wearing it at all! (We were worried because she won’t even allow a single tag on any clothes because they annoy her so much!) You can see the joy on her face as she struts around carrying her food by herself, total confidence! I don’t know, some people may think this is just a rubber bib, but my sister and I are trying to tell everyone what a total life changer this product is! Save yourself the wasted time, money and tears. Buy this bib.

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Where do you ship?
Where do you want us to ship? Dare-U-Go! currently ships to the USA only. If you are out of North America you might be able to find one at a local retailer. Shipping rates apply based on where you are.
Is Dare U Go Microwave/Dishwasher Safe?
yes! Feel comfortable microwaving the DUG and throw it in the dishwasher after!
Isn't this too heavy for their necks?
Absolutely not. Necks are one of our strongest muscles. Infact 7 months olds didn't show any discomfort while wearing it.
Will it fall off easily which would cause all the food to fall out- thus another mess?
Even tho we at Dare-U-Go headquarters believe this is a miracle product it's definitely not magic when it comes to kids, BUT we have not experienced any of this concern while testing it for over a year with a plethora of different aged and different temperament kids alike. Parents must be present while feeding there kids in general and when you see they are done, you simply remove it. Seal it. Have it ready for the next snack or feeding.
Is it comfortable for our little ones?
Absolutely! It is a very soft food- grade silicone.
What age is the Dare-U-Go for?
The DUG is super broad in its age range. We advise for babies once they can start picking up food (usually around 7-8 months) and as broad as 7 year olds can still use it.