On the Go,
Made Easy!

Dare-U-Go! simplifies feeding your little ones on-the-go.

Pack healthy meals for your kids, eliminated mystery space messes, clutter-less, All One-Piece! Say Good-bye to that extra laundry & dishes!
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Durable Design
- non stick non latex phthalate material
- bpa & pvc free
- Top Shelf dishwasher friendly
- microwave friendly
- 100% waterproof food grade silicone
Easy to Use
- designed for heavy use
- multiple compartments
- Never lose the lid again
- wipes clean easily
- BPA & PVC Free
- help a cause with a purchase
- save water by avoiding extra laundry
- contribute less trash to landfills with buying food in bulk
Kids Love it
- Give kids sense of independence
- they eat fresher ingredients
- more healthy food options
- fun colors for personalization
- adjustable collar offers a comfortable feel for kids

Say goodbye to...

Container overload

Don't dig through the dreaded food storage cabinet looking for the right containers and matching lids. WIth Dare U Go, the lid is always attached. You get 3 separate compartments allowing you to eliminate the need for 3 food containers.
1 DUG = 3 containers !!!

Extra Laundry

Everyone agrees, the cost, time, and energy to wash and maintain extra laundry can have a negative effect on your day & on the environment. With a DUG you will save tons by doing less laundry. 

Washing  1 article of clothing takes 25X the ammount of water needed to wash a DUG.

individually-packed foods

Do away with buying "grab & go" individually packed food. With a Dare U Go! you save tons of money by buying snacks in larger quantities. It can cost almost 2X per oz of the same snack, not to mention how bad all that trash is for the planet.

food packaging = 45% of all trash in landfills.

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