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Dare-U-Go! is a brand created by a real mom-not a corporation or big business.
Nobody understands the daily grind and struggle with little ones other than a real mom/parent/care-taker on-the-go.
Dare-U-Go! (DUG) was founded by Lisa D'Amato- Friedman. You may recognize her from America's Next Top Model. She's remembered as the infamous wild child...and well, now she has two!
With her busy schedule she felt she needed a product that didn't exist. So she made it. Quite a few other innovative products are heading your way from Dare-U-Go! also. Our mission is to guarantee a helping hand in parenting with our products.

We vow to help you have less clutter, less laundry, less dishes, less stress, less heartache- All while helping our environment with less waste. Boom! Lastly, don't blink!....by you just buying one of our products you also become a philanthropist immediately! We donate 5% of our proceeds to charities that YOU choose when you checkout. We will even document our charitable efforts in a documentary at the end of the year to actually see where your hard earned 5% went! Everyone wins at Dare-U-Go! and that's the point.

Meet the team

Lisa D'Amato

CEO | Inventor | Mom
"Expect problems then eat them for breakfast!"

Adam Friedman

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” —Vernon Howard

Emily Doherty

Marketing Manager
"Makin' each day count!"

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