Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship?
Where do you want us to ship? Dare-U-Go! currently ships to the USA only. If you are out of North America you might be able to find one at a local retailer. Shipping rates apply based on where you are.
Is Dare U Go Microwave/Dishwasher Safe?
yes! Feel comfortable microwaving the DUG and throw it in the dishwasher after!
My kid doesn't like things around his neck, but this would help me tremendously...any advice?
Yes when you put it on them on-the-go WITH food in it they are highly distracted by being in motion and their favorite foods at their finger-tips. Certainly worth a try. During our kid testing we delt with many kids with the same discontent of things around their neck and took to the DUG with certainty.
Isn't this too heavy for their necks?
Absolutely not. Necks are one of our strongest muscles. Infact 7 months olds didn't show any discomfort while wearing it.
Will it fall off easily which would cause all the food to fall out- thus another mess?
Even tho we at Dare-U-Go headquarters believe this is a miracle product it's definitely not magic when it comes to kids, BUT we have not experienced any of this concern while testing it for over a year with a plethora of different aged and different temperament kids alike. Parents must be present while feeding there kids in general and when you see they are done, you simply remove it. Seal it. Have it ready for the next snack or feeding.
Is it comfortable for our little ones?
Absolutely! It is a very soft food- grade silicone.
What if my kid chews on it? Will it rip?
Since the material is safe for all kiddos, we recommend to prevent rips is to keep it away from knives while in the sink or top shelf of dishwasher. Because the material is incredibly safe for our kids we DO want to prevent rips so our advice to to include a chew toy if they are teething.
What age is the Dare-U-Go for?
The DUG is super broad in its age range. We advise for babies once they can start picking up food (usually around 7-8 months) and as broad as 7 year olds can still use it.

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